The program of the symposium will be divided into four segments. There will be one outside keynote speaker and invited talks by UCLA scholars and scientists.

To read the abstract, click on the title of each talk or breakout session.

Day 1: (i) Theories of Dreams and (ii) Neuroscience and Functions of Dreaming


10.00–10.15Vwani Roychowdhury: Introductions and welcome
10.15–11.00Douglas Hollan: Dreams and the Self: Selfscape Dreams
11.00–11.15Coffee break
11.15–12.00Maja Gutman: Towards situational and multilayered modeling of dreams in virtual Environments
12.00–12.30Discussion about working sessions, Introduction
12.30–13.30Lunch break
13.30–14.30KEY NOTE
Mark Blagrove: The relationship of dreaming to memory consolidation during sleep, and to pre- and post-sleep cognition
14.30–15.15Hakwan Lau: Do dreams depend on activity in the prefrontal cortex?
15.15–15.30Coffee break
15.30–16.15Nanthia Suthana: Novel approaches for characterization and modulation of deep brain activity during real world human behaviors
16.15–17.00Working session - TBA

Day 2: (iii) Quantifying Dreams, (iv) Breakout sessions.


09.30–10.15Vwani Roychowdhury: Computational Dream Science? Challenges and Opportunities
10.15–10.45Jeff Burke: Extended reality for telling the stories of our dreams
10.45–11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.45Bilwaj Gaonkar: Can machines dream-GANs, Neural Networks and what can we learn about dreaming from them?
11.45–12.30Breakout session 2
Roychowdhury, Gutman: Text Mining Dreams
12.30–13.30Lunch break
13.30–14.30Breakout session 3
Mark Blagrove: An Ullman dream appreciation group with artwork produced so as to revisit the dream
14.30–15.15Identifying interdisciplinary ideas and collaborations: Summary and planning for the next Symposium
15.15–15.30Coffee break
15.30–16.30 Short Talks
16.30–17.30Reception and closing